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Welcome to our website. Inland is pleased to have the highest reputation for credibility and performance substantiated by our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Our reputation has been earned for good reasons.

  • Over 35 years of experience in the printing industry dealing primarily with pre-owned newspaper presses.
  • Experienced sales team with total familiarity and professional under-standing of buying and selling printing press equipment.
  • Professional engineering services for single width and double width press reconfiguration, upgrades and installations.
  • Experienced and highly skilled technicians assuring press projects are completed in a timely and problem-free manner.
  • Our dealings extend worldwide with an international export/import department capable of providing all services for international transactions.
  • Provide high-quality service including removals, reconditioning, installations, after-sales field service of all types of newspaper printing presses.
  • Provide property tax assessment reduction, equipment appraisals, consulting, brokering services, and engineering services.